Offshore company creation1

Good reasons to create an offshore company:

Why an offshore company?

The term offshore is confusing to many, and is often attended by negative connotations. In truth, it is the cheapest insurance available today. 


Throughout your life and career, you cannot be assured that no professional or personal litigation will affect the course of events. To paraphrase the Irish blessing: the wind may not always be at your back. 

An offshore account is the best insurance one can have in order to avoid possible problems. It is the best insurance policy to secure assets and bypass many potential pitfalls.

Another, no lesser reason, is the simplicity with which such an offshore company can be operated. As a businessman you may have though of this during your last tax return. You would love to dispense with accounting and other bureaucratic requirements and devote your time to what you do best, selling!

This venture will cost you less than a bookkeeper.

If you are not totally convinced that this is the route for you, please call us. With over ten years of experience, we can offer you arguments which could keep us talking for a month.

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Advice and assistance in the creation of an offshore company:

You have decided, you need an offshore company, and you want to know what an offshore company is.

Bethel Finance, an agency specializing in offshore!

Many large multinational corporations optimize their taxes through offshore companies and subsidiaries. Among them Renault-Nissan, Office Depot, Carrefour.

You are probably asking yourself,
Why not me?
Why not optimize your income like the very wealthy and multi-national companies?

As specialists for over 10 years in the formation of offshore companies, we will be able to offer you these products in the blink of an eye.
Customers who trust us are located around the world. Like you, they are entrepreneurs, expatriates, lawyers, independent traders …


Privacy and Security of your offshore company:

Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of our work. We guarantee the privacy of our customers through three main components.
• Bethel Finance does not have offices within the European Union or in countries with tight fiscal regulations and will not be obliged to submit the client information to tax authorities.
• Our site is totally secure. The data entered by customers on our website are encrypted using an SSL Certificate 128 bit encryption.
• Our IT infrastructure in our office is completely secure to prevent any intrusion.

Pricing Policy for an offshore company creation:

Two principles guide us:

We are among the most competitive companies in the field.

We have offices and partnerships in most jurisdictions where we incorporate the business, so we are able to offer fair prices.

Strong management team specialized in offshore:

The management team of  Bethel Finance in Israel consists of seven professionals with long and solid experience in international affairs and in the following areas:

Estate Planning
International Trade
Trusts and Foundations
Business law and tax law

Integrity of your offshore company

Your interests come first.

We are aware of laws and regulations on prevention of money laundering, Bethel Finance implements procedures for controlling risks.

We’re sure it’s in your interest that we proceed with strict controls on the origin of your funds and the legitimacy of your business to build a sustainable legal structure.

Bethel Finance is the offshore provider for you!

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