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Sonia So and Associates

Sonia SO & Associates ensembles a team composing Office Place and Real Estate Property Management Specialist, Legal Executives, On-site Admin and HR Manager, IT experts and licensed persons to help our clients of all scale and any sectors to set up their first foot-print at Hong Kong.

Startup from scratch, via a couple of purposely driven conversations and dialogues, we put together a “Total Hong Kong Solution” for our clients:

  1. Identify office destinations, negotiating of leasing terms, interior design and furniture
  2. Define IT infrastructure, arrangement of an On-site Admin and HR Manager
  3. Appoint licensed persons, in case the business is a regulated activity by *SFC or *HKMA, to make the new company be ready at your fingertips

We deliver a physically, logically, IT-wise viably, and HR-wise capably for our clients to get a jumpstart without getting through all the hurdles of setting up an entire new office in a new destination.


After a turn-key operation, we also assist our clients to plan forward, which including but not exclusive to, succession planning or exit strategies.

For most of the cases, we advise our clients and team up with necessary licensing firms like Type 6 institutions to provide either debt financing or equity financing to expand our clients’ capital.

In case of exit strategies, we partner with our trustful peers in the investment banking sector to enable solutions like M&A, Management Buyout or an exercise of IPO at Hong Kong or other major financial centres worldwide.

At Sonia So and Associates, we believe that every client is unique and we are more than happy to customise our solutions to fit in the dedicated requirements of our clients.

* The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC)

**Hong Kong Monetary Authority

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