Accounting and Taxation Services

We Make It Happen!

Sonia SO & Associates provides professional bookkeeping service, accounting and auditing services at reasonable and affordable prices. Services can be performed on a monthly or yearly base depending on the needs of clients.  Clients will be benefited from the reduction of finance and accounting operating costs while be focusing on core revenue activities.

Accounting Services:

  1. Daily Book-keeping and Reconcilation of Bank Statments
  2. Preparation of monthly / quarterly / annual management accounts for trading, investment and other companies
  3. Preparation of financial statements for audit, e.g. income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flow, age of account receivable, age of account payable, age of accrued expenses and tailor-made statement base on client’s request.
  4. Audit liaison and accounts finalisation
  5. Audit should be prepared after 12 or 18 months for the first year of operation, then regularly every 12 months.

Taxation Services

  • Company Tax and Employer Returns
  • Employee’s Return
  • Most of the time our Auditor will be your tax representative in Hong Kong, handling all matters with the Inland Revenue Department.