Group of Companies

Unlimited Solutions leverages the following group of companies to

1. Sonia and Associates

Sonia and Associates is a business and management consultation firm which empowers our clients with discreet and individualised consultation and advice services. We accept any mandate and we try our every endeavour to work up to or even excess the expectation of our clients.

2. Kokoro Kara Services

Kokoro Kara Services (KKS) erupts unparallel expertise in Hong Kong limited company formation. We have over 10 years of experience in working with our clients hands in hands on company formation.  Necessary assistance such as preparation of documents and completing the office procedures throughout the process are the basic, what’s more for our clients here is to provide professional consultation and sharp advice to help our clients to establish the corporations they want while saving their time and efforts.

3. Communications at Present

Communications at Present equips individual and organisational clients with public & corporate communications services, which include design, branding, marketing, public relations and social media engagement.

4. Talents PlanNet

While Talents PlanNet leverages the radiation of current and upcoming social media to bring people who are in the similar of interest and career aspiration together to enable a better off of the entire community.