Sonia SO and Associates is a concept, a philosophical approach, much more than just a company.

Sonia SO and Associates has established a matchless reputation in Offshore Asset Management and incorporating Offshore companies. Lawyers and specialists complete the picture.

From the start, we have advised families whose objective is to move and live in a better plan with strong desires to optimize their tax burden, protect their assets against intrusion and transmit their heritage to future generations under the best possible conditions.

We have invested in a top notch team and cutting edge technology in order to offer the best service and products. We are more than capable of meeting any challenge placed before us.

By working closely with your lawyers, consultants and tax advisers, we will set up a legal and tax structure which will help you and us achieve the ancient dream of a strong and financially secure Israel. In the words of the eternal prayer “Next year in Jerusalem”.

We support you in managing your assets offshore:

By working with us and our expert team, you will come to regard our firm as more than just another company; we are certain that the relationship will be long term, and that your dream for Israel will be fulfilled through this partnership.

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