Looking for advice. Consulting with IQVIA vs MPH graduate degree?

I'm deciding between two options (grad school vs. consulting) and was hoping for this communities opinions and general thoughts about career options given my background and goals as there aren't many mentors or experienced adults in my life.

First off a little background about myself, I studied Biology at a top 5 school and foresaw myself attending an MPH program in management and policy analysis for a long time with the goal of working in policy analysis or healthcare consulting. I'm currently working for a smaller firm (consulting's been awesome!) and have an offer to join IQVIA's market strategy and analytics consulting team (Amundsen Group) for significantly more pay and the type of job I would eventually come back to. I also have offers from two top 10 public health schools for healthcare management MPHs. Along with this I have scholarships offered for $40k a year through a 3rd party that won't be available to me if I defer/re-apply later, otherwise all school costs would be up to me to fund through loans.

I'm looking for advice on weighing the options below given the circumstances above and my goals to eventually come back to consulting and the healthcare/life science business industry as a whole.

  1. Join IQVIA's consulting team
  2. Attend an MPH program with scholarships

I'm trying to consider the quality of life and work-life balance at IQVIA, the value of work experience as opposed to an MPH, the ability to save and invest to supplement future education if I pursue an MBA in the future, and the weight/promotability of an MBA vs an MPH in the field of consulting and the healthcare industry. Also, would having neither of these degrees handicap my advancement to higher positions in the industry?

Thanks, I know y'all are busy, as we all are!

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