I’m about to choose IT consulting over a job as a biostatistician because I’m under the impression that I would be able to gain more experience as a consultant. Am I mistaken?

I got two examples during my interviews at the consultancy: Improving stocking for a client (predict what he would need in which quantity) and improve logistics (when to send what where) which sounds interesting to me. But when the HR manager gave me the job offer she was very intent on “making sure the role was thoroughly discussed at the interview “. So I told her about the stocking example and then she provided the logistics example.

But I read a lot that job titles are bogus in consulting and often we’re just doing grunt work. I’m not too keen on working in biostats (my trained field) because I already have experience working at a CRO and people actually left after two years because they couldn’t grow there. They also said they were hardly even doing statistics with a t test being the limit of what they do. It was a small CRO and the other jobs are at small CROs, too, and I guess it will be similar there, because I read that along the lines over at r/statistics. I will cross post there but I think you can tell me a lot about what consulting really is like. It would be my first real job and it’s an exhausting job. I don’t want to go into it under a false premise.

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