How should my “rate sheet” look? Non-consultant asked to do some consulting

I'm not a consultant, but rather an academic with a niche specialization, and I've been asked by a company (consultants themselves) to provide expertise on a project/proposal they are working on for a client. The company's branch and the client are abroad so the work will include some international travel.

I've worked out my hourly rate for such work and I am comfortable with it. They've asked me to send them my "remuneration requirements", but I don't know what that document is supposed to look like.

I don't have a rate sheet template. I also don't know how to spell out things like requiring a specific class of air travel, amounts for accommodation, meals, misc., etc. I don't know the language appropriate for such a document. As I said, I'm a professor, not a consultant.

I've only done this kind of consulting by myself twice before, and it was very informal. Once was for a smaller company, and it was basically a Skype call and they picked my brain. They asked my hourly rate, agreed to it, and I sent them a bill after the call, which they paid promptly. The other time I had a call where some guys picked my brain for about 25 minutes and then they sent me a $150 gift card.

I would love to make the most of this new opportunity, but this is closer to the "big time" for me. Can anyone recommend a simple template for a "rate sheet" that I can offer up?

Thanks in advance for your help. I've enjoyed reading posts here and I will continue to read for tips.

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