2 years outside of uni. Spent the par two years as the first hire (non technical) of a tech unicorn

Sorry I’m mobile:

I’ve spent the past 3 years at a tech hardware unicorn as their first nontechnical hire (2 years full time 1 year internship remote work) that has finally finished their series B and I believe it’s time to leave.

I’ve wanted to go into consulting, came from a business background. A lot of the firms say they can’t look at me because I’m between new grad and experienced hire.

Just got rejected from McKinsey who said I should apply again in 12 months.

Put feelers out to Deloitte and Accenture, EY with recommendations from current staff. All said they could not hire me.

Wondering if there is something I’m Doing wrong? 3 previous internships at top 50 internships (think: waymo, Boeing, tesla).

I’ve reached out directly to recruiters through LinkedIn as well but no replies.

Would love any feedback — or resume reviews.

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More: http://bit.ly/2X86O0s


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