Looking to obtain a job in consulting? Post here for recruitment advice, resume reviews, questions about offers/firms or general insecurity (Q2)

Post anything related to recruitment advice, company / group research, or general insecurity in here.

If asking for feedback, please provide…

a) the type of consulting you are interested in (tech, management, HR, etc.)

b) the type of role (internship / full-time, undergrad / MBA / experienced hire, etc.)

c) résumé or detailed background information (target / non-target institution, GPA, SAT, leadership, etc.)

The more detail you can provide, the better the feedback you will receive.

Common topics

a) How do I to break into consulting?

  • If you are at a target school, join your consulting club and work with your career center.
  • For everyone else, read wiki.
  • The most common entry points into major consulting firms (especially MBB) are through undergrad and MBA recruiting. Entering one of these channels will provide the greatest chance of success for the large majority of career switchers and consultants planning to 'upgrade'. Experienced hires do happen, but often require a combination of in-demand experience and a meaningful referral.

b) How can I improve my candidacy / resume / cover letter?

c) I have not heard back after the interview, what should I do?

  • Wait or contact the recruiter directly. Students may also wish to contact their career center. Waiting times can range from same day to several days at target schools, to several weeks or more with non-target schools and experienced hires. Asking in this thread will not help.

Link to previous thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/consulting/comments/ae39ud/recruiting_for_consulting_post_here_for/

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