LeavingTier 2 consulting after 8 months

Is 8 months too early to leave consulting? I joined out of undergrad (Ivy, target school) into a tier 2 strategy firm (LEK/OW/ATK etc.) and my experience has been absolutely miserable.

  • I've been staffed on multiple projects that were poor fit in that they required people with more experience (three – four years) but were under-budgeted, so I was put on as a first year, not really in a position to succeed. I was doing work that required a decent amount of experience / expertise that I could not have had as a first-year, which my project teams / partners admitted.
  • The project pipeline has been dry since I started, and even though I am 8 months in, I have had minimal client billable work. According to data from HR, I have spent ~70% of my time on the bench, and do not think I have gained significant learning experiences or exposure to client work. It feels like I am wasting my time by doing business development after business development work. There have been stretches where even business development work has not been available. I've tried to use my time productively, networking, training, etc., but there's just no work.
  • I keep getting pushed to up my utilization, but it is nearly impossible with the lack of projects work — this also factors into my review, despite that I have minimal control over this.
  • I enjoy consulting and the nature of the work, but feel that I'm not in a position to do well at this firm (and maybe the firm itself isn't doing well). I haven't had support / mentorship across any of my projects, and that was originally what sold me into consulting. I want to learn, but haven't even had the project opportunities to do so.

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