How to deal with relentless bullying by client

I am an associate consultant with a mid-sized consulting company. I am an analytics consultant but I was put on a project as a PM/ScrumMaster. I have been with my consulting company and at this client site for 9 months, this particular project for 4 months

There is an older client team member (an IC) who HATES agile and HATES that I am a 20-something coaching the team on how to organize development. This guy is relentlessly bullying me. I don't mean this in a sobby, woe-is-me kind of way; This dude is actively trying to undermine my ability to succeed on this team and his taunts are meant to humiliate and threaten me.

If I'm working with ear buds in, he will wave at me obnoxiously and ask me why I'm so quiet today. He found my home address and talked about how a swat team would best be able to enter it. He says that I am a terrible person and that I treat people horribly in front of the whole dev team. He bullies other people on the team as well, sometimes refusing to call the Indian team members by their names, opting for Americanized names he likes better.

The lead client (their boss) is very weak and does not stand up to this guy.

How do I play this? Do I stick it out for a few more months and ask to be put on another project? Do I start applying to other companies?

My company just had 20 people hit the bench and now is not the time to ask to get rolled off of a project, but I am getting absolutely roasted at work every day almost nonstop. What do you all recommend?

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