Received an offer for federal consulting but not sure to take it

Hi everyone! I would love some advice about what to do. I'm about a year out of school and took an internship at a big Fortune 500 company, which lead to me being a contractor. I received a job offer to be on a Strategy team at this company, and was given 48 hours to take it. I took the offer, and then received an offer for Accenture Federal services to be a Management Consultant (Analyst level). I'm scared to go back on my agreement with my current company, and jeopardize relationships. The hardest part has been that Accenture's offer is about 20% higher than my current company. I'm leaning towards staying at my current company with the hopes that if I hate it, I could always do Federal Consulting later. I honestly really want to do Commercial consulting.

I have a few questions/thoughts I would love to hear:

  1. I worry that Federal might pigeonhole me, and feel that staying in the private sector might allow me to pivot later. Is that true?
  2. If I turn down Accenture, what's the best way to go about it? Will they blacklist me?
  3. Have any of you ever turned down an offer and was able to go back to that company later?

Thanks for your help! I'm young and appreciative of all the help I can get from professionals!

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