Thinking about management consulting as a young guy.

Hello everyone. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post but decided why not. I’m young guy, junior in high school and we are looking into colleges and job opportunities right now. I know I’m young but I like planning ahead. I’ve done some research on management consulting and have a few questions. Does it matter what college you go to? What should I major in? What are the steps I should take to get into management consulting starting from here? I’ve heard it’s usually a thing people do for a few years then move onto something else, what other jobs do they move on to? I’ve heard they’re better salaries but are they also better in the job aspect?

I’ve heard that this can be very draining and tiring and wondering if it’s worth it in your experience? Thank you.

Edit: spelling, and sorry for bad format, I’m on mobile.

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