IT consultant – first client and need help


I am young and new to this but have my first client. They want me to install and configure new task management software on their server. I sent them a service proposal with some pricing options for hourly work. I listed $$$ for hourly, or $$$$ for a 20 hour bucket, or $$$$ for 40 hours.

They asked for more detail on how long things would take to configure and this is where I'm having trouble. The base setup would take about 4 hours, and maybe an additional 8 if they wanted me to convert their data from the old system, and maybe 5-6 hours to train their users and staff on it. I could also help them with other things relating to the software like custom reporting and automations. I can easily spend 40+ hours on this.

So, how do I portray that in a document?

Should this be an SOW, or moreso a product offerings sheet? I've read online that I shouldn't break things down so much because clients will try to negotiate each line item. Is that true?

What about listing my recommendation? I would say the 20 hour bucket, because the necessaries of the software would be 4 hours to install, 8 hours to convert data, and 5-6 hours to train staff. That would also leave a few for any additional work I need to do in the future. At the same time I dont want to oversell or sell myself short, so I would like it to be moreso on the client to choose.

What are your suggestions? and thanks!

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