I got kicked out?

Hi guys!

Philosophical question here

I'm working at fortune 500 company in position of a business analyst for a 1.5 year. Recently my position was evaluated and ranked up to Senior business analyst. Thus, i needed to pass an assessment in order to get this position. There 4 people who were applying to this position and i didn't make it. Feedback was that i'm not confident enough to hold senior position. And i got very upset, after everything i did for this position to improve it. I build a lot of processes from nothing, made them effective. And now once everything works perfect they decided to not let me progress and took it away from me. So new person just came to everything ready. I feel like i was betrayed. They offered me a temporary position for 6 month to teach new guy and walk him through everything with 60% of Senior Business analyst salary.

Should i accept it? Or they dumped me. Pay is very decent though even if it's 60%

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