Two questions: (1) As a partner, what % of what you kill do you keep? (2) Do IBD MDs make LESS than consulting partners?

(1) …and does this change over time? E.g., as a more senior partner, you go from keeping x% of what you sell to (x+y)%?

(2) In theory, on average, I think consulting partners make more than IBD MDs. My reasoning is that generally, as an IBD MD, I’ve observed that you’re constrained by the environment in which you operate. Say you’re in DCM in a lodging coverage group and no hotels want to issue any bonds, then you are toast. Whereas in consulting, you make your own market more (with exceptions such as DD partners). However, entry level salaries and salary progression comparison between consulting and banking suggests my hypothesis isn’t true. Can anyone shed some light on if my thinking is correct or what I might be failing to consider?

Thank you!

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