Normal to pay for your own parking in Big 4?

Hi everyone—I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible.

Is it normal in Big 4 to be barred from expensing $10/day in parking when working on a local client?

I’m currently working on an engagement that has so much extra money in margin that we chose to not bill the client one month* but the parter is adamant that we’re not allowed to expense our $200/mo in parking in downtown. His logic is that the client has a policy against contractors expensing parking, but it seems to me that a parter that wants to do right by his staff would just allow us to expense it out of the margin. Am I off base here? I want to bring this up to my EM, but I wanted to bounce this off all of you first.

I’d appreciate any thoughts.

*It’s a fixed bid project and that money will go back into a pool of money the client sets aside to spend with us each year, so I get the logic. The point is that there is a super heathy margin here.

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