Changing career and going into Big4 consulting.

I am thinking of changing careers from financial planning and forecasting and going into a Big 4 firm. I am not sure what the right role for me is. I have 8 years of progressive financial analyst experience, ending as a finance manager. My responsabilities includ: FP&A, foregin exchange risk management, collections, forecasting, variance analysis, enforcing contracts, setting up controls, international expat assigments, and much more.

I have a Macct and was supposed to go into Big 4 originally, but got a more interesting offer from a Fortune 200 company and decided to go with them. Salary is about 175k. But the nature of my company means I dont have a stable life and I am considering a career change. I am looking at what options are out there. I can sit for the CPA, but I havent passed any of the tests.

I have some questions:

  • What area in consulting would I do best in?

  • What position would I be qualified for (Staff, Senior, etc)?

  • How do I get in touch with an inhouse recruiter?

  • Any other advise?

  • Pass the CPA?

  • Salary expectations?


I really appreciate the help.

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