RSM vs Manhattan Associates

I need help deciding between two job offers. 1) RSM and 2) Manhattan Associates

Both have offered essentially the same pay. What I'm really trying to figure out is which company is better and provides the better opportunity for me.

For RSM I would be working in their ERP sector. They primarily have foot in the middle market but working in ERP i would get to work on various modules/systems (ie finance/accounting, supply chain, sales, purchase, etc). So the experience would be beneficial i suppose, except their clients aren't as well known.

Manhattan I would be working as a software consultant in their Professional Services Organization (PSO). I would specifically get to work with systems in regards to supply chain management (can deal with warehouse mgmt, order mgmt, inventory, customer mgmt etc). Their clients include high end retailers like Nike, Adidas, Nordstrom Rack, etc. So I really like their client list, but dont want my role to become too niched. Especially as I'm graduating college so I'll just now be starting my career, but at the same time supply chain management is booming right now. One thing that bothers me is that they aren't as well known when talking to people about the company if they aren't already familiar with the name, so I dont want this to hinder me when looking for other career opportunities in the future.

So what my question comes down to is two things: 1) is the client list important when deciding 2) which role is a better opportunity (experience wise and company recognition wise)

PLS HELP!!! Thanks in advance!

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