When is the right time to jump from a small consulting firm to a larger one?

I've worked in the consulting arm of a government-owned corporation for about a year and a half, almost right out of undergrad. We do Growth Strategy for SMEs, for context.

While the support I get is great from working with a smaller team, I get concerned because there is no structure for career progression. You're an "advisor" (Basically, I do the work of a manager, senior, and associate on the file, the teams are usually 3 people, maybe 4) , and the engagement leads are seasoned former business executives hired externally. You just stay at that level until you are sick of it.

As such, I know I'll have to eventually leave if I want to move forward in this industry, but I don't know when the right time to do that is. I like the exposure/exexperience I get, and my colleagues are very supportive, but I don't know if staying here for too long will "hurt my stock". I'd like to continue doing similar work in S&O work for a larger firm (if that's not too ambitious).

Now, I assume that this type of structure may be atypical, But for people who have made the jump from relatively smaller practices to larger ones, when did you know the time was right to leave?

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