Should I accept experienced analyst offer?

Background: 25 years old, been working for a Fortune 50 company in roles directly supporting senior executive leadership for the past 3 years.

I’ve received an experienced hire offer from a boutique strategy consulting firm. I’d be coming in as an analyst at roughly the same total comp that I’m at now (roughly $115k). I feel like my personal growth has stagnated at my current company, and I’m no longer motivated by the work. I see strategy consulting as a way to diversify my skillset, get experience with other industries, and improve my resume before applying to business school in 2 years.

My current company is trying hard to retain me, and has offered me a 10%+ pay bump if I stay. The consulting firm won’t adjust the offer currently on the table.

I’m leaning towards accepting the analyst role, but I’m worried that I’ll regret taking a step back in my career. I’m highly respected at my current company, but just can’t get excited about the future prospects or the work.

If you were in my situation, what would you do?

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