How do you hold a teammate accountable?

These past 6 months, I’ve been part of an ongoing project for a big client. Initial development is over and now we’re on support, but with only 10% of the developers we had, leaving me and another person.

It’s an interesting dynamic, as they have a CS background and I have a bootcamp education, but I had a career before this, and it’s pretty clear to me that I’m more mature (not sure how to say that without sounding like a snob).

Anyway, we hit a rough patch with support these last few days, and teammate constantly complains about how they don’t want to do this project anymore, and teases how they’ll leave the heavy lifting to me. This hasn’t happened quite yet, but I can see the beginnings of it. Communication with this person is also becoming increasingly difficult. The way it’s set up now, there’s no project manager to directly report to, and if this teammate starts to not pull their weight, I want to say something about it. Ideally I’d speak directly with them, but would elevate if necessary.

It’s just…. I didn’t work my ass off to switch careers so someone who feels “above” the work could botch my chances to succeed in tech. So I want to patch the leak before it becomes a flood. What can I say, and to whom? Note that from my end, it seems like this person has any outside management in their pocket right now, and I don’t. So reporting to them causes worry that it might come back to me.

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