Has anyone dealt with furlough requirements on a project?

Recently joined a new client that has furlough requirements set up for consultants, meaning you have to take x amount of non-billable days. In the past it was basically aligned to your vacation time and could be spread over the course of the year so it wasn't really an impact.

Just today we were told we have to take over a week off the project by end of Q1. Which is fucking annoying because it's horrible timing project-wise as it's smack in the middle of an implementation. And also, WE'RE HALF WAY THROUGH Q1 ALREADY SO WTF.

We don't have to use vacation, but unless they offer trainings I can't see how we could avoid that. Generally when we're on a project we can't just go back to the bench for a day or so, like when client holidays don't align with firm holidays we have to use personal time or bill to a training (if it's available).

It was also suggested that I work on client things but under a non-billable code, which like, why the fuck would I mess up my utilization and not take off?

I've never dealt with this on a project before and I'm trying to determine how much I should push back. On one hand, I don't want the project to suffer. On the other hand, if the client doesn't want to pay, they can't expect to not have a disruption in service.

I don't have warm and fuzzies about this client and I definitely don't have loyalty to my firm enough to work for free.

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