Volunteer consulting opportunities? (Chicago)

Hey all,

Throughout undergrad I was a part of student consulting clubs that helped nonprofits, startups, midsize firms, and F500 with business problems on a volunteer basis, which I found quite rewarding and developmental.

I want to continue to be involved in this sort of thing upon graduating and starting full-time, particularly with nonprofits or startups especially in the healthcare space.

I'm trying to understand:

-what opportunities are recommended in and around Chicago?

I looked into Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA), for example, based on this post but they ask for 5 years experience.

I also looked into getting involved with incubators like MATTER and 1871 but am not sure what kind of role I can play fresh out of UG.

-are firms generally okay with this sort of volunteer/nonprofit work on the side? Ofc it'd be on weekends and lower priority. Do I need to clear it with legal or can I simply share with my manager that I'd be busier on weekends? I'll be at ZS if it matters.

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More: http://bit.ly/2SEh5TD


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