Should I quit consulting and move to engineering-type roles due to less discrimination?

It goes without saying if you don't come from the typical consulting background (rich upper class, mostly) then you lack the distinct mannerisms to fit in. I didn't even know what consulting was until last year. Shit, I didn't even go to uni after highschool and thought it was all bullshit. I still got into a target uni (had no idea that was a thing, btw). Most of my HS class didn't make it to uni and about 30% or so dropped out of HS. Some people brag about being the first to go to college and I brag about being the first to graduate primary school.

But I feel that there is too much of a barrier with some people I work with I don't feel that I fit in right with certain people. Mainly the business people (as opposed to the tech-people, aka the only two kinds of people in my ignorant view of the world).

And sometimes the business people, man they can really put you down. I work at a b4 in consulting and one of the Partners in my interview, first thing the prick told me is "Did you know X? And she got you in ?". Implying I knew a recruiter who happened to share a similar name as me apparently, and that I was boosted in the recruitment process, because there's no way someone like me could have made it to this stage. I'm 5'11, bearded, broad-chested and I'm 99% sure I wore my tie the wrong way because it was the first time I decided to wear a tie in my life.

A good part of the interview is me trying to subtle tell her that I did not know anyone at her company, while she is subtly implying that I do. Fuck, I didn't even know what a big 4 firm was until the year I interviewed.

So funnily enough I had another partner interview. I think she made some accusations behind the scenes beforehand aswell and that's why she was interrogating me but there was no evidence so I feel that the company was like ' fuck that's discrimination ' and let another Partner interview me. that went well and I got in, whatever…

Then I had a catch up with this partner to get ot know her better and I tell her I'm ni a great team. Sure motherfucking enough the first thing she says "Oh did you know ___ beforehand". Then she tried to give me the shit test to see if I was a creep.

And ofcourse in my previous job I had someone make a false accusation against me. I had it escalated to someone I know at my university, then had it escalated to my managre, then escalated to the CSO, who said one more thing and I'd be fired. But you know no one even asked if I was true, I had no idea this all happened, and the only witness literally says "he did not say that". I received no apology and everything was hidden under the rug despite nearly more or less ruining my future. Ironically I volunteer every weekend at a charity that promotes equality but whatever I'm a sexist/racist I guess.

Is my experience normal and is it the case that I just need to stop being a twat? I hate people and I have no trust in anyone at this stage.

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