Where to find project-based consulting work abroad?

Idk if I’m even in the right subreddit but whatever worth a shot. Just want to see if I can find a job board/organization/whatever that will help me find actual project-based consulting work on some third world country or some shit. There has to be a way so I’m really just looking for a lead of some sort; most of what I’ve found are volunteering gigs which don’t carry a lot of heft and really just give me the impression these people are going to be dicking around instead of planting their boots on the ground and doing real meaningful work

WHAT I WANT TO DO: I’ve spent most of my 20s backpacking and really just can’t play this corporate bureaucracy bullshit for years on end while I rot away at a blasé cubicle and slowly continue to drink myself to death every night. I want to go to shit countries, do meaningful work for a couple months and then maybe move somewhere else even tho I’m prob gonna be making next to nothing. It’s probably not even a fraction as easy as I make it sound here. That’s ok. I have great experience in what I do (marketing & comms) so May be able to find a way to make it work. Also I’m a native Spanish speaker if it helps but I’m down to go wherever

On the chance that someone can point me in the right direction or shed some color on this it would be appreciated. For all I know this isn’t even the proper subreddit lolz. THX.

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More: http://bit.ly/2Dn4URc


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