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16 Jun 2016We all read. Whether it’s blog posts, business books, newspapers or autobiographies. There’s probably not many of us that don’t feed their brain weekly in some way, and whilst I think it’s vitally important to do so, I think there is a better way to learn. When I say better, I really mean a way to get even more information, the bits you can’t find in books and blogs, and that comes from someone’s mouth – conversation.
We all have secrets inside us. I don’t mean the personal type but the business type, the IP type, the secret weapon type, the ones you don’t want your competition to know about type. And you don’t publish those because why would you? No matter how much good stuff you put in your posts. E-Books and other publications, the real nuggets stick with you. Until you speak and let them out during a casual conversation.
If someone asks you what you do and then says ‘wow, I have a problem getting that sorted myself, any tips you can offer someone like me?” you’ll probably happily tell them because they are not your competition and it’s not going to be published. They could in fact at this stage be a prospect, but so what, you’re happy to share a little secret sauce with them in order to help. And it feels good watching the light bulb go on in their eyes as they get it.
“Think of gaining knowledge as a chocolate bar. The outer wrapper is what you read and find online but the silver wrapper, the bit that gives you access to the chocolate, is the conversation, the part where the secrets are protected and only through face-to-face conversation, can you get to them.”
Now you’re probably thinking “so how can I find these conversations, networking events?” and I’d say no, not there. In fact I wrote an article entitled ‘want to network, don’t go to networking events’ because there are better, more productive places to do so. Read that article and you’ll understand a little more but here are my suggestions to meet and have great conversations with others in business in a low pressured environment:
Conferences, particularly in the coffee queues

Trainings, ditto above

Rotary clubs but find the one that suits you

Business award ceremonies. Wine loosens tongues considerably

Airport business lounges

In fact many places other than scheduled networking events.

The reason I avoid dedicated events is that businesses often are too small, and everyone wants to sell with no one buying and so can be a turn off to many. The list above however, when you get chatting to someone constructively and not trying to sell something, is a gold mine. I even wrote a book on starting conversations with strangers you will find helpful. No secrets kept back.
So talk more, ask questions, and see what secrets you can garner and make them work in your business. Make chatting to more people part of your learning and development. Good Luck!
 I am the author of three books (Wiley) on social media marketing and building relationships and you can find them all here. You might like to subscribe to me for more useful updates and if you are looking for a speaker or trainer for your next event, do get in touch.

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Linda Coles

Social Media Done For You. Speaker, Author and Trainer on Building Relationships Online. Runner



Clarissa Leary

Coaching and Facilitating at Clarissa Leary Consulting
Because it’s secret. That’s why they will never publish it. But I will tell what is the secret to successful business. You must have goals and focus only to what you are doing and make sure that you’re into it.

50 mins ago
Baumeister p/l Gerrit Duits

Master Builder Building inspector
Cleverly promoting your book👍

1 hour ago
Michael Ballantine

Testing/Engineering Technician
The last company I worked for had several very detailed and consequence-laden videos on avoiding the very things you just mentioned!

3 hours ago
Cary Maultasch

Financial Engineer, looking for my next adventure.
ask a nurse.

3 hours ago
Fatıma Şeker

Şu okulda öğrenci: Fatih Üniversitesi
Değişik bir gece,not düşelim.

3 hours ago
Robert Cao

Electronics Security Specialist
If it is so secret then I don’t need it!

3 hours ago

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